Five Must Know Airbnb Tips

After years of using Airbnb, for traveling and hosting, I have a few tips and techniques you should know about. These will help improve your listing search results (sort of like SEO for Airbnb). 

1. Update Your Calendar

You should be logging into Airbnb (on your phone or laptop) as frequently as possible, every day if you can. Make small adjustments to your calendar's pricing (perhaps accept Airbnb's pricing recommendations for a few dates) and/or availability. Airbnb prefers hosts who constantly maintain their calendars. 

2. Utilize New Features

Utilize new features Airbnb releases, such as Business Essentials travel or Instant Book (for those living on the edge). The Guidebook has become a huge priority for Airbnb recently, so make sure to add a few awesome things to do or places to eat near your listing. Airbnb is also requiring guests to accept your House Rules before finalizing a booking, so head to your Detailed Description section and make sure to put the most important rules your guests may (or often) break. Such as: late check outs, quiet hours, no smoking, etc. 

Note: one exception to this rule is the new Smart Pricing feature. I don't trust it enough to use it yet. Instead, I monitor their price tips and change my pricing when I feel comfortable doing so. 

3. Response Times

Respond to your inquiries as soon as possible, even if it's to tell them you'll respond later. Airbnb cares a lot about your response times, and this is one way to climb up the ranks if you're a new listing. Show Airbnb that you're responsive. Airbnb has been improving their Saved Messages feature, so add a few of those to make your life easier. 

4. Reviews

Leave prompt reviews for your guests, and message them asking them to review you as well. Letting them know how much reviews mean to you usually helps. When I have a new listing, I often message my recently departed guest with a thank you and "a review would be much appreciated. We are just getting this listing started and we'd love for you to share your experience with future guests." 

The goal is 5 stars. If you think a guest may leave you any less, perhaps skip the request :) 

5. Super Host Status

Not only does the Super Host badge look great and provides comfort to potential guests ... I believe Airbnb cares a lot about this badge (more than the other four tips). Our inquiries definitely boosted when we 'unlocked' this badge (either because guests prefer Superhosts more, or Airbnb is showing our listing more often). This is one of the toughest to maintain. You can see how you're doing at www.airbnb.com/stats. 

Pro tip: never cancel on a guest. This is the most frequent reason for losing, or never getting, Super Host status. If a guest tells you they need to cancel, have them do it. 

Super pro tip: if you enable Instant Book, you are actually allowed to cancel a booking if you feel uncomfortable with the guest. 


Best of luck. And as usual, if you're in Breckenridge and need help - let us know!